St. Marys Band Club

Marlene Shipley

CEO, St Marys Band Club

“What stood out to us is how well GROUPN listened to everything we said, what our current challenges were and what our goals were.

That’s how they gained such a clear understanding of what St. Marys was trying to achieve with newly designed premises. GROUPN also understood the club’s demographics and community needs.

Our last full refurbishment was back in 2000. Gradually, the club had become dark and outdated, not at all family-friendly, plus we had limited dining options and limited parking.

Thanks to GROUPN, we were able to achieve a vibrant, family-friendly club with beautiful furniture and fittings that deliver a WOW! factor.

We also added a new level of parking, which provided members with a greater sense of security. Not only that, we now have a newly refurbished food offering, along with alfresco dining options.

We’re especially happy with the new play space for kids, which includes a lovely, state-of-the-art parents’ room.

How did GROUPN manage to accomplish all this? A lot had to do with their attention to detail, how much research they did beforehand and all the design options they gave us that fit right in with our demographic.

They also worked well within our budget. No surprises!

Another key factor was how GROUPN developed a close rapport with our Board of Directors. They made sure the Board was always kept up to date on the project’s progress, which helped us make the right decisions each step along the way. They instilled us with a great sense of trust in them.

All in all, we believe it was GROUPN’s great drive and passion for our project that made it so successful. We could tell that they took true satisfaction in that. And we were completely satisfied, too!”

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