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Are you looking to develop a Masterplan at your Club?

Do you want to improve the financial standing of your Club without compromising your community focus?

Do you need your venue to appeal to a more diverse audience?

Are you looking to refurbish or expand your venue and improve its operational efficiency?

At GROUPN we work with Clubs to develop long term masterplans to build revenue, improve operational efficiencies and reduce staffing costs.

The outcome of a masterplan process identifies multiple stages of development that are part of a long term plan. Frequently, the first stage is focused on creating an alluring venue that will leave a lasting impression on your customers to build your membership and drive revenue.

Strathfield Sports Club have just completed the first phase of a multi-phase masterplan. The first phase, which comprises refurbished lounge and outdoor areas, has helped the Club attract 2000 new members and increase revenue by over 10% whilst staffing costs have remained stable.

Click here to learn more about the success of Strathfield Sports Club.

Do you want to learn more about boosting membership and revenue at your Club?

Take the checklist and find out what you need to know about refurbishment and expansion of entertainment and lifestyle venues.