Hospitality & the Booming Baby Boomers

“What you are is where you were….when you were being value programmed” was a video that accompanied Dr. Morris Massey’s book ‘The People Puzzle’ published in 1979.  It identified generations according to age and ‘Baby Boomers’ became the phrase to identify children now middle aged.

The life values of this post-war group are quite specific: trendy fun-filled lifestyles, credit cards, dining out, enjoying life. They’re now doing it after children and letting their hair down.

They are discerning when it comes to hospitality. If offered fine dining with exciting destination experience, elegant modern furnishings and interiors plus good service, entertainment, discounts or meal deals they’ll be there, and they’ll bring all their friends.

And generally they’re cashed up. Their working lives during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were good times to be a working Australian and the concept of superannuation had arrived. Optimism abounded, it was a feel good era. They comprise one of the largest of our demographic groupings, they are demanding, fussy and forthright.

Baby Boomers are independent, fair minded, thorough and out to enjoy life.  They love live music venues, Qantas frequent flyer points, the revival of local pubs as meal and entertainment venues, good coffee and all-day-breakfasts, RSL and Yacht Clubs with live entertainment , discounts and vouchers for meals, drinks and events, snazzy restaurants. pet friendly apartments and renovating the home. Most of all, they love value for money.

Whether you are a restaurateur looking at venue design, an hotelier researching new or renewed development or a club looking at a renovation, redesign or upgrade or you operate in any other area of the hospitality industry it’s axiomatic that baby boomers represent a substantial market, available money, a willingness to spend. They are good value clients.

An outstanding example of success in aiming at a specific market is the Cremorne Hayden Orpheum Picture Theatre. Mike Walsh took an ageing movie theatre, completely restructured and renovated it in art deco style, provided multiple cinemas, a licensed bar, regular live concerts, performances and classic film festivals. It’s full of baby boomers. It is the classic example of ‘word of mouth’ marketing success.

The challenge today is to offer patrons a destination experience, facilitating the concept of age diversity and generational demand. It sounds so complex, this integration of function and purpose for a multi-faceted audience. In reality it’s straightforward, requiring careful planning of design and purpose, supply and logistics, integration of bars and kitchens with consumption areas, acoustic and ventilation engineering and easy access for services.

And experience as well?  Yes!  The integration and complexities of laws governing construction, liquor and gaming licencing, public and workplace safety, to mention a few, are critical. Melding the idiosyncrasies of design of a pub, club, or a fine dining restaurant with the ambience sought by Baby Boomers is the key. Blending the modern, fashionable and challenging with the old, comfortable and safe is our design challenge.

Baby Boomers enjoy life. They want the best. They want excitement, quality, style and with all that, a good deal.  We have the skills, knowledge, professional capacity and enthusiasm to offer you the full range of architectural services so you can make your facility or business an outstanding venue or product. Diligence, expertise and respect for our client’s requirements are our by-words.

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