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  • Return on Design Investment (RoDI) – Understanding the Returns

    Measuring return on investment (RoDI) in architecture is like choosing between science and the arts. The scientific approach relies upon data gathered, usually, at the point of handover. The other takes into account emotional responses including anecdotal evidence about well-being. Reliable evaluation of RoDI is hard to find. It’s only possible through dedicated commitment to research and analysis. So how do you define…

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  • Hospitality & the Booming Baby Boomers

    “What you are is where you were….when you were being value programmed” was a video that accompanied Dr. Morris Massey’s book ‘The People Puzzle’ published in 1979.  It identified generations according to age and ‘Baby Boomers’ became the phrase to identify children now middle aged. The life values of this post-war group are quite specific:…

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