Verandah Bar – Gaming Lounge

Reconfiguration of the Hotel’s gaming lounge was driven by the opportunity to increase revenue by improving ambience and accessibility and providing an outdoor terrace for gaming.

The main challenges was to provide an outdoor gaming terrace immediately adjacent a busy city footpath and control sight lines to customers and machines. This was achieved with carefully placed screens which themselves have become feature elements with a patterned design and internal lighting.

Design Outcomes

  • A new gaming area with both internal and external areas at the front of the hotel, replacing the old gaming area at the rear and a new TAB where the gaming room used to be

  • Reconfigured layout for the bar and gaming cashier to improve access for customers.

  • Positive impact on business

“The whole project went terrifically well and the designers from Nicholas Architects were a pleasure to deal with. They actually delivered above our expectations – exactly what they proposed – and the impact on business has been tremendous.”  – Dean Haritos, Managing Director, Haritos Hotels

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