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How well do you know Gaming Room Design?

Ok. So you have expert knowledge of Gaming Product. You understand your customers, and you know what machines they like to play.

The next step is to craft an environment in which your players are going to feel comfortable gambling. Where they feel inspired. And where they feel like they belong.

When we talk about crafting an environment, we’re not just referring to the décor. We’re talking about the dimensions and shape of the space, layout of the machines, circulation and flow, focal points, signage and lighting.

The design of a space influences how comfortable a space is to gamble in. The more appealing, pleasant and inspiring the interior setting is for players, the longer they will play and the more frequently that they’ll return.

Do you know the 10 Principles of Gaming Room Design?

Take the quiz to test your knowledge.

On completion, we’ll email you the answers and a copy of “The 10 Principles of Gaming Room Design” that you can use to boost the profitability of your Gaming Room.