The Builders Club

The Illawarra Master Builders Club, known as The Builders Club, has a longstanding service tradition as a relaxed and friendly destination in the Wollongong area. GROUPN have come on board to provide a vision for how this strong background can be built upon to develop facilities that will have enduring appeal and relevance within the community.
Together with the Club Management, the Board of Directors at the Builders are motivated to progress the upgrade & diversification of the Club facility for future growth and success. The Club has a strong appreciation of sports , sponsoring a number of local sports teams, and being an important destination for enthusiasts to watch sports broadcasts of national and international events.
The Builders Club is a business that is committed to creating a positive social experience for members and guests. Promotions such as Raffles and Bingo attract a diverse demographics and are a major drawcard of the Club. The Club runs three of their four food offerings, which receive favourable feedback from tourism websites – in particular the Stonegrill Steakhouse. The Club also hosts a very popular Comedy Night in the basement level of the Club.

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