Figtree Hotel Interiors

Working on a local favourite is a unique experience. We were fortunate enough to work with the vibrant venue team and dedicated new owners to bring this local darling back to life. The principal was simple, to capture the value laying below the surface and give the Wollongong community a fresh venue with timeless appeal.

Early in the process it was decided to peel back the years of patch ups and design add-ons and expose the raw beauty of the building. From that foundation we added interior finishes to compliment the raw fabric and give some vibrancy ready for her next lease in life. Upgrading the dedicated sports and TAB facilities was a priority alongside the creation of family friendly spaces for leisure and dining. Maximising the use of the aspect and outlook to local green spaces was a key consideration, with upgrades to the existing outdoor spaces together with planned future deck extensions.

Integration of contemporary lifestyle and local tradition are represented in this bang for back refurbishment, with the additional pleasure of a great process and delivery by all involved.