Strathfield Sports Club

Christopher Dunn

CEO, Strathfield Sports Club


“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend GROUPN to any other hospitality venue. I believe the company’s experience is second to none.

If a venue is unsure, I would invite them to visit our Club, so they can see firsthand the results that can be achieved. I would also encourage them to get in touch with me so I can show them through our Club and run through the issues that we faced, and the outcomes that GROUPN helped us achieve.

Despite being under a major renovation, our club still managed to have one of its best financial years ever.

While only at the very early stages of completion, we’re already noticing:

  • A direct increase in bar sales (10% in the first month and growing)

  • Increase in gaming revenue

  • Increase in membership of 2000+ new members over the last 6 months–and growing!

  • Greater customer satisfaction

  • Greater staff satisfaction

The club had outgrown itself over the past 10 years–lack of space throughout the club and lack of parking. The building itself was dilapidated. The kitchen and bathroom facilities were not up to Code.

GROUPN has been involved with the project from Day One, starting with Concepts, through the DA process and through engaging builders and consultants, to where we are today with a club that is almost completed.

As a small club, having one company handle everything from start to finish – from architectural design to interior design and project management – not only made our lives simpler, we also ended up with a better product and service.

As a Manager who has not been involved with a project of this scope, it was extremely reassuring to have the advice and skillset of GROUPN readily available.

We also value their ability to hold the builders accountable, ensuring that the project is completed to the highest standards.

GROUPN showed a unique understanding of the hospitality and Club industry, along with the need to create solutions that will enable our club to trade throughout the duration of the project. That was paramount to us, and we believe that was achieved. Looking back, we had shortlisted three firms with high levels of club and hospitality experience. We visited their previous projects and got references from other Club managers.

We went with GROUPN mainly because they had a better understanding of what the club was looking to achieve.They also had a greater enthusiasm for the project and made us feel like we wanted to be in partnership with them. We were satisfied we had made the right decision when we engaged them and we still believe that today.”

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