Club Marconi


“While there are many ‘consultants’ out there who claim to be experts, there are very few who can actually deliver, and that definitely includes GROUPN. They had already done a wonderful job designing a gaming floor for us, so we had every confidence that they could take on our new challenge.

Our main problem was that Club Marconi had no strategic direction, no point of difference that would make us stand apart. And we had to succeed in the most competitive gaming market in Australia, so a “cookie-cutter strategy” or “off-the-shelf” approach wouldn’t be sufficient.

The refurbishment gave us a major point of difference that our competitors couldn’t match. GROUPN ensured that its design and location could evolve according to the Club’s overall master-planning strategy. The project also resolved centralised staff hub and patron circulation within the context of dual entries on opposite ends of the new area.

GROUPN was able to quickly adapt to unexpected conditions which came to light during construction. Their resourcefulness in revising the design was key to the project’s success. They knew how to work within the building’s constraints, maintaining the Club’s fire egress, minimizing required structural works, and locating new amenities to utilise existing services locations. Disruption to the Club’s normal operations during renovation was minimal.

Right from the start, GROUPN clearly understood the design brief and took the project to completion, on time, on budget and on point.

They interpreted the Club’s strategic direction correctly and turned our vision into a bricks-and-mortar reality.

We couldn’t have been happier with GROUPN’s performance from start to finish!”


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