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At GROUPN we help Clubs appeal to a more diverse audience and preserve a strong community focus by delivering delightful and efficient spaces that people will go home talking about.
Do you need your venue to appeal to a more diverse audience?
Do you want to improve the financial standing of your Club without compromising your community focus?
Are you looking to refurbish or expand your venue and improve its operational efficiency?

In your business, you know that you have to look after your loyal membership base and preserve your community focus.

You also know that to improve the financial standing of your Club you need to appeal to a wider audience. Gaming is still an important part of your business, but it’s becoming less of a drawcard to attract and retain members and guests.

You have a genuinely community-focused environment. Together with your food and your service offering, this is your opportunity to achieve a core point of difference from your competition.

In addition to being comfortable and efficient, you need your venue to be delightful and memorable so that customers go home raving about their experience and planning their next visit.

At GROUPN, we understand Clubs. We understand the community focus. And we understand that Clubs measure their return on investment in more than just dollar terms.

We work with Clubs to design delightful and enduring spaces that will increase customer engagement and leave a lasting impression on your members and guests.

Successful entertainment and lifestyle venues require a lot more than creative design and good building. Impressive interiors, exteriors and grand entrances are essential, but they’re not the only key factors of success.

At GROUPN all projects start with business case, strategic direction and brand.

We deliver engaging entertainment and lifestyle experiences that not only reflect the aspirations and values of our clients, but also deliver operational and commercial efficiencies that will boost your bottom line.

Are you looking for a low-cost service to enhance the appeal of your Club?

GROUPN offers a fixed price interior design service to help your Club appeal to a more diverse audience.

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Does your venue need a more substantial reconfiguration?

Learn more about refurbishment and expansion of entertainment and lifestyle venues to drive revenue and profitability.

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At GROUPN we help translate our clients’ vision into an experience. Every project starts with listening. Our process is genuine, down to earth and business focused.

Not sure where
to start?
Let’s talk.

Leave your details and we’ll be in touch to have a chat about your business and how we can help you create a hospitality and lifestyle experience that will leave a lasting impression on your members and guests.

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