St. Marys Band Club

After undertaking an in depth Strategic Planning process in 2012 with the Club Board and Management, it was identified that the Club needed to undertake a refurbishment to its main trading floor and revitalise the Food & Beverage offer. The sale of the adjacent site to property developers and subsequent approved DA plans for high rise apartments together with the general increase in housing development in the local area indicated there was untapped potential through a growing community. This growth and movement in the local area was a key driver in the planning of these works.

The Club Board and Management worked closely with GROUPN Architecture. Interior. Landscape. to develop a thorough approach to the refurbishment project. Looking at the core business offer and opportunities within the market that the Club services, there was a clear mandate to develop the venue to provide a fresh boutique facility that had wide local appeal. Improved amenity to the loyal member base was vital, whilst also seeking to particularly capture a growing young family demographic. Once the scope was established based on the business drivers, the design was developed with GROUPN working closely with the board and management to ensure the venue is transformed to a unique, inviting, lively hospitality hub within the local precinct.

Specific Features of the new works include a new upper deck to our main car park, significantly increasing our onsite parking capacity. Expansion of the existing floor area to include new Alfresco terraces for both social and dining opportunities. A new Kids Play space called ‘The Yard’ which features an expansive parents room facility and is situated adjacent to the new family friendly dining experience ‘The Family Table’. New and refurbished Café, Bars, Sports Lounge and TAB, together with a refresh of the overall Club floor seek to completely transform this special venue.


  • Refurbished main trading floor with upgraded facilities
  • A boutique and personalised experience that draws the members to the venue.
  • Transformed Club image to appeal to the growing young family demographic of the area.