Cruise Bar Rooftop

Cruise Bar Rooftop – Elevating Sydney’s Skyline with Hollywood Glamour

In a strategic collaboration with the dynamic C!NC hospitality group, GROUPN Interior Design has orchestrated a stunning transformation of Level 3, also known as ‘The Rooftop,’ at the Cruise Bar, nestled within the iconic Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney. Formerly a secluded function space, this revitalization project was driven by the vision to unveil a vibrant rooftop venue just in time for the bustling summer social season.

Situated in one of Sydney’s prime locations, the initial concept drew inspiration from the allure of a New York rooftop. However, as the design journey unfolded, GROUPN Interior Design masterfully infused the ambience with the glamour, exclusivity, and artistic quirkiness reminiscent of Hollywood Regency style. The result is a rooftop venue that feels like an exclusive invitation to a clandestine after-party at the Golden Globes — a fusion of L.A living with the distinct charm of Sydney.

Championing creativity within constraints, the project navigated a tight budget and an extremely compressed timeframe. GROUPN Interior Design worked its magic by layering new finishes onto the existing base fit-out, employing a rich palette of colour and texture to frame and enhance the dynamic outlook and views.

One of the project’s unique challenges was recognizing the ephemerality of the venue’s atmosphere. Understanding that when ships are docked at the terminal, certain views would be obscured, the design response was meticulously crafted to delight and enliven, infusing the venue with theatrical whimsy even when certain perspectives are temporarily obscured.

The Cruise Bar Rooftop is more than a venue; it’s an immersive experience, a harmonious blend of international allure and local charm, set against the backdrop of Sydney’s mesmerizing skyline.