Club Dubbo

Club Dubbo – Elevating Member Experience through Strategic Development

Club Dubbo has stood as a hub for community leisure for years, evolving with the times under the expert guidance of GROUPN Architecture Interior Landscape. Following the successful completion of a major refurbishment designed by GROUPN, including the addition of an outdoor gaming terrace and upgraded bar and kitchen facilities, Club Dubbo is poised for a transformative leap in service offerings and business positioning.

Recognizing the need for a nuanced approach in the dynamic world of club management, GROUPN, in close collaboration with the Club, embarked on a Strategic Development Planning process. This comprehensive plan, a roadmap to the future, was tailored to align with Club Dubbo’s trajectory, market demand, and the evolving needs of its members.

The selected Masterplan envisions a Club redefined. A welcoming statement entry and foyer, new gaming facilities seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor spaces, expanded dining options, and flexible lounge areas are on the horizon. Upgraded function facilities will provide a versatile canvas, adapting to varied needs from large auditorium events to intimate meetings, all adorned with contemporary breakout spaces.

Notably, the proposal includes a family-friendly zone, a testament to the Club’s commitment to providing a holistic experience for its diverse member base. Engaging the scenic views to the southeast, the northwestern wing of the Club boasts a new façade, capturing the essence of Dubbo and the adjacent river.

GROUPN’s meticulous design process doesn’t stop at the building; it extends to the landscape, enhancing parking availability and integrating the native flora of Dubbo and the greater Orana Region. The result is not just a Club but a destination that embraces the Club’s rich history while ushering in a new era of sophistication, functionality, and community engagement.

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