Club Dubbo

As is the case with many Club buildings, Club Dubbo has undergone numerous alterations and additions over the years since its establishment. It has been well maintained since the last major refurbishment, designed by GROUPN, which included the addition and extension of an outdoor gaming terrace on the western side of the Club and the upgrade of existing bar and kitchen facilities.

Club Dubbo is in a strong position to improve its service offering and business positioning for members and guests. In the shorter term, the Client considered that there may be opportunities to improve the operation of the Club while in the longer term, there may be opportunities to expand to include additional and improved services. Few Clubs today can afford to embark on a multi-million dollar building program in one single stage. As a result, many Clubs will carry out a number of smaller ‘incremental’ building stages over a period of time to suit their immediate needs and budget. It is important that each ‘incremental’ stage is ‘part of’ and ‘fits into’ the Club’s long term plan. We refer to this long term planning process as Strategic Development Planning – it is, essentially, a ‘road map’ to where the Club would like to be in five; ten; or even fifteen years’ time. This is the process that the Client underwent when GROUPN formulated a Strategic Development Plan, developed in close collaboration with the Club. The plan identified a number of long term options for improvements to the facilities and suited Club Dubbo’s trajectory whilst complimenting market demand, as the Club is located in a part of Dubbo which is experiencing population growth with a high proportion of families.

From this Strategic Planning Process the Club selected a Masterplan option that is currently being developed for construction. The proposed development will consist of a major refurbishment and further extension of the Club to include a welcoming statement entry and entry foyer, new gaming facilities (including outdoor), an expansion of dining and provide flexible lounge areas with additional food offerings. The function facilities will also be upgraded to include a flexible design that can be used as one large auditorium space or as smaller meeting rooms with contemporary breakout spaces as required.

The proposal also includes a family friendly zone with appropriate lounge, dining and play areas. Throughout the design process, GROUPN has considered the advantage of engaging the scenic views to the southeast toward Dubbo and the adjacent river. Maximising on this this opportunity, this is reflected in the new façade of the north western wing of the Club. GROUPN has also provided a landscape design that incorporates the improvement of available of parking and capitalises on the native flora in Dubbo and greater Orana Region. The proposal is currently in a Development Application with Dubbo City Council with the anticipation of works to start in the latter part of 2017, where GROUPN will provide Contract administration and advice during construction services to the Club

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