Punchbowl Early Childhood Healthcare and Community Centre

This is a building that was laid out in the most effective and efficient way for the prescribed use. Challenges included meeting the needs of disparate groups – in particular the Early Childhood Healthcare Centre offers security for nurses and social workers while remaining accessible and welcoming for children and their carers. Flexibility was also a priority with operable walls between meeting rooms the main hall.

Interior finishes are hard-wearing and low maintenance and the entire building and surrounds have been designed in accordance with CPTED principles. Good visual surveillance throughout all public areas is a metaphor for the Council’s ‘transparent’ approach in providing social services for the community.


  • A community centre that caters for the multi-generational and multi- cultural population in Punchbowl providing something for people of all ages

  • A low maintenance facility that minimises Council costs in ongoing care

  • A landmark building provided by the Council for its constituents with many features determined by the user groups.