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The Nightingale model is a set of systems and processes for housing provision. The model exists to enables licensed architects such as GROUPN to develop Nightingale buildings with the benefit of experience and procedures that other architects have cultivated in the development of existing Nightingale buildings. In doing so, we have an opportunity to deliver multi-residential housing in cities that is environmentally sustainable, financially affordable and socially inclusive. What we do can positively impact the urban environment, and promote better health and well-being outcomes.

Property owners can partner with Nightingale projects to develop their land into housing that offers good financial returns and has positive outcomes for the neighbourhood.

Nightingale projects seek land in areas that offer walking-distance access to facilities, services and public transport, and can accommodate medium- to high-density housing within the existing planning scheme. Land owners have the option to be a project partner and reside in the new Nightingale building.

We want the Nightingale Model to spread far and wide and we encourage everyone to do their bit to make housing more affordable, sustainable and community-focused. However, at this time there are some constraints on the size of developments and the geographical locations using the Nightingale Model. This is because the model works best with medium-to-high density housing, typically 20 apartments or more located close to public transport and within walking distance to amenities such as local shops and services.

If you are interested in partnering with Nightingale, get in touch.


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