Industrial Warehouse Facilities – Pile Road, Somersby

The Warehouse Facilities at Pile Road, Somersby were designed by GROUPN with clear, sharp lines, quality materials and attention to detail, thus lifting the quality of the streetscape experience to this developing Industrial District located in the NSW Central Coast fringe area.

Located on a sloping corner site the 3 individual industrial units are provided with industrial manufacturing space and associated administration & amenities facilities. There are optional functional links between units for a variety of user functionality.

With material durability and resistance as a main focus, the materialism of the facade is inspired by the creation of sharp, vertical shadow lines in metal floating over a concrete base. The expanse of each facade is articulated with clear and obscure zones bringing light into the depth of the facility as well as a connection to the outside creating a quality industrial space as well as a quality work environment.

Design Outcomes:

  • Quality Facilities lifting the character of the local area and inspiring further quality industrial development.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Innovative approach with maximum yield design outcome on a site burdened with an extensive amount of easements