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At GROUPN we help Pubs attract more high-value customers by delivering inspiring and exciting spaces that will leave a lasting impression.
Would you like your venue to be more Instagrammable?
Do you need to attract more high-value customers?
Do you want to increase your revenue and profitability?

These days, every restaurant patron is a food critic, each customer an expert. Consumers are highly aware and experienced, and they publicise their views about your business.

In your business, you know that to appeal to high-value customers, you must provide a high-value experience.

You also know that in addition to having impact and being memorable, the customer experience needs to be sharable. The Instagram-effect is a real thing. Social media is the new word of mouth, and a great venue will market itself with shares and likes.

Your venue also needs to run smoothly. Achieving efficiency in a constrained building like a Pub or Hotel is often as difficult as it is essential. You need an environment that enables your team to multi-task while providing high quality and personable service.

At GROUPN, we work with Pubs and Hotels to distil project outcomes with a difference.

The market is always in search of the next big thing to discover or celebrate. Our interiors team approach hospitality projects in the very same way.

With a feet-on-the-ground and ear-to-the-wind knowledge of what’s what in entertainment and lifestyle design, we deliver inspiring and exciting spaces that will pass the Instagram test.

Exclusivity, uniqueness, individuality, distinctiveness… to attract high-value customers, these personas need to be woven into your venue to set it apart from the rest.

We also understand that successful entertainment and lifestyle venues require a lot more than creative design. Impressive interiors are essential, but they’re not the only key factors of success.

We’re experts at resolving operational and commercial efficiencies in constrained building environments that will enable your venue to run smoothly and effectively.

Are you looking for a low-cost service to make your pub more instagrammable?

GROUPN offers a fixed price interior design service that can help your Pub meet the Instagram market.

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Does your venue need a more substantial reconfiguration?

Learn more about refurbishment and expansion of entertainment and lifestyle venues to drive revenue and profitability.

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At GROUPN we help translate our clients’ vision into an experience. Every project starts with listening. Our process is genuine, down to earth and business focused.

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to start?
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Leave your details, and we’ll be in touch to have a chat about your business and how we can help you create a hospitality and lifestyle experience that will leave a lasting impression on your members and guests.

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