Box Hill RSL

Box Hill RSL is a premium venue in the Victorian Clubs landscape. Uniquely positioned in a suburb poised for unprecedented population and development growth, the Club were on the front foot seeking designs for expansion of the Club across two levels to accommodate improved functionality and new revenue streams.

Working closely with a design-centric builder to deliver a cost controlled solution, GROUPN created a design to house the Club Admin on the upper level balancing the needs of the club executive, a dedicated and active RSL Sub-branch with flexible small business function spaces & terrace break-out opportunities to service a market need stemming from close proximity to a major hospital precinct.

On the main Club level, the new floor space would dovetail into the existing Club with a dynamic all-day dining offer and elegant lounge & bar to transform the evening landscape of Box Hill with entertainment, wine and cheese or private function spaces across the new extension.

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