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Are you looking to refurbish or expand your venue to drive revenue and profitability at your Pub?

Do you need to attract more high-value customers?

Would you like your venue to be more instagrammable?

Do you want to increase your revenue and profitability?

At GROUPN we work with Pubs & Hotels to leave a lasting impression on your customers in a highly competitive market.


In your business, you know that to appeal to high-value customers, you must provide a high-value experience. Exclusivity, uniqueness, individuality, distinctiveness… to attract high-value customers, these personas need to be woven into your venue to set it apart from the rest.


Your venue also needs to run smoothly. Achieving efficiency in a constrained building like a Pub or Hotel is often as difficult as it is essential. You need an environment that enables your team to multi-task while providing high quality and personable service.


The Avondale Hotel has just completed a comprehensive refurbishment that required a radical approach to venue’s layout and circulation. By moving gaming to the ground floor of the venue they’ve solidified their position as one of the top gaming venues in NSW.


Click here to learn more about the success of The Avondale Hotel.

Want to learn more about boosting revenue and profitability at your Pub or Hotel?

Take the checklist and find out what you need to know about refurbishment and expansion of entertainment and lifestyle venues.