Australian Catholic University – North Sydney Campus Forecourt

The design for the North Sydney campus of the Australian Catholic University has at its core the relationship between the landlocked campus and surrounding residential areas; this project promotes unity between the residents and university staff and students through provision of common areas for amenity and recreation.

The changes to the North Sydney campus establish the Edward Street frontage as the portal to the campus proper whilst reducing and reallocating the existing car parking to the basement car parks of the surrounding satellite buildings. The structured gardens, forecourt, swale, performance space and cafe provide opportunities for students and staff to engage in campus life whilst also providing amenity for the surrounding residents. Additionally the campus provides opportunities for the exhibition of public art and sculpture allowing for the promotion of local artists and art students.

Design Outcomes

  • Provision of additional staff and student amenity and facilities
  • Restructure of the entry sequence to ensure that pedestrian circulation is given priority and the campus entrance is visible and accessible
  • Unification of the satellite buildings of the campus through street level adjustments